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Sunday, July 8, 2018

2017 / 2018

Omg, it has been a while since I last post in here. Let see, too many things happen and totally busy to update. In summary:

1) My bos got transfered to another business unit and therefore I have to take over her position
2) I got promoted and was so busy for the whole year, so stressed up
3) Managed to travel to Japan and see cherry blossom
4) Bought new bags... urghhh or should I be happy (MCM backpack at KLIA on the way to Japan, Chanel handbag and wallet at KLCC, Gucci wallet from premium outlet Japan)
5) Save 2 kittens. Both found on the side of the road with one on NPE where I have to stop the trafic to safe her woooo. Sadly the other one died in 2018
6).Bought a car for my mom, Axia manual at around RM24k

1) My new bos resigned but I am not replacing him. He was our GM maaa and I am just small fish :p
2) Extend my kitchen area as my cats house with trees still inside from them to climb
3) Bought LV purse.... ayooooo cannot help myself

Hmmm what else...

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